Looking For the Perfect Place to Live? Check Out New York City Real Estate

Does the idea of the Big Apple appeal to you? Are you tired living in a dull city and want to live an exciting life? Then buying a piece of Manhattan Real Estate is a good thing to consider.

When you have searched for homes in different areas you can become overwhelmed at the prospects. You are looking for a home where the whole family will be happy. If you have children, you want to offer them the best possible opportunities for them to make it in this life. You want to live someplace where events take place on a daily basis. If this sounds like you, then New York City is the place to live.

Things to Remember

When you are searching for perfect luxury homes, you should look beyond the price of the house. You need to look at the interest rate and make sure you get the best rate available as well as finding out what the interest will be down the road with your loan. You should really read everything before signing anything, especially the fine print. If you have the opportunity, you may wish to hire an attorney who can help you understand everything and has your interest in mind. Everyone who borrows money to buy a home is unique. The loan should be catered to your needs, wants, and desires.

You should also remember to ask about all the additional costs and fees accompanying the mortgage on your home. Be sure to double-check the fine print and verify the time limit of the closing. Most importantly, make sure you have everything lined up before signing that bottom line.

Interesting Facts about New York City Real Estate

When you search for a house, one of the things you should do is check out the area and surrounding places to see if it fits into your lifestyle. The annual average temperature is roughly 55ºF. As of 2007, the average home of the New York City Real Estate area was roughly $783,000. Other averages in the area include the condo price at $1.26 million, Manhattan apartment price at $1,415,000, and Brooklyn neighborhood price at $623,000.

Activities in New York City

There are numerous places to visit and spend time when visiting New York City. Just imagine living in this wonderful place and having the opportunity to visit the following places whenever you want. You could always visit Central Park. There are 843 acres to discover. There are numerous activities to do with your family in Central Park.

There is the Friedsam Memorial Carousel, Belvedere Castle, Central Park Wildlife Center, or Zoo, Tisch’s Children’s Zoo, Strawberry Field, Wollman Ice Skating Rink, Great Lawn, and Conservatory Water. All of these places within Central Park make it a wonderful drawing for anyone who wants to move to an active city. Central park is fantastic to take your family on a picnic or just lie around by yourself and contemplate and reflect on your life.

The next place to visit with your is the Metropolitan Museum of Art – also known as the Met. There are more than 2,000,000 pieces of art. Third, you could visit Staten Island Ferry where you get to experience just what the immigrants experienced on their first ride to a new world. You get to see the Statue of Liberty, New York City skyline, and the Brooklyn Bridge while riding on this ferry. From this ferry you can visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island which would give you a first hand view of this majestic lady.

When visiting or living in New York City you could go to Grand Central Terminal and take it to Trinity Church, Empire State Building, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Frick Collection, as well as the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

If all of the above sounds like something you would like to offer your family, then you need to check into New York City Real Estate. You and your family will love the non-stop pace of the Big Apple.

Museums in New York City: American Museum of Natural History

When anyone thinks about the museums in New York city, they tend to think of three: The Met, with lots of classic art, MoMA, with lots of modern art, and the American Museum of Natural History, with animals, plants, and the cosmos. Natural history differs from art in that it wasn’t created by human hands. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy and its charm.” Indeed, some of this ecstatic appreciation for natural history can be seen in every exhibit, from the descriptions and interactive experience of outer space in the Rose Center and Hayden Planetarium, to the various stuffed animals from every biome and region throughout the first floor, to the giant collection of dinosaur fossils, to the exquisite life-sized blue whale at the Hall of Ocean Life. The AMNH is a truly awe inspiring learning experience about the world we live in.

Situated in a prominent location along Central Park West overlooking The Lake and Turtle Pond, the AMNH sits at 79th St and 8th Ave. In addition to the Museum of Natural History, you can head across Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a variety of other cultural institutions along Museum Mile. If you’d rather just relax, consider checking out the New York Historical Society just down the street or have a picnic on the grounds in front of Belvedere Castle. The Museum of Biblical Art is located a few blocks south and west. Visitors to the Museum of Natural History will have an easy time on the subway, as the museum has its own subway stop reachable on the B and C trains. The 1 train also stops within walking distance at 79th St. and Broadway just to the west. Visitors by car will be able to park at the museum facilities, an option many museums in Manhattan do not include.

There are so many things that are must-see exhibits at the enormous American Museum of Natural History that it would take a long time to examine every nook and cranny of this massive space. If you’re saving time to see other NY museums too, one area at the AMNH you should be sure to see is the Rose Center for Earth and Space. The Rose Center is the most modern area the museum has to offer, and the exhibits are hands-on and fascinating. You can get to the Planetarium from here, where you should be sure to watch a fascinating retrospective on the birth and development of the universe. Of course, you can’t go to the museum without seeing the dinosaur halls on the fourth floor. Another great area to look at is the Hall of Ocean Life on the first floor, where a life-size model of a blue whale hangs over the giant room. The Hall of Meteorites is host to “Ahnighito,” a 34-ton iron meteor from outer space. The newly opened Hall of Human Origins looks at early hominids before they evolved into modern day Homo Sapiens. The AMNH is one of the most well-known of all the museums in Manhattan, and this is why: nearly every exhibit is fascinating!

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