New York City is Famous For Luxury and Fun

If you are tired of working all your life and just want to satisfy that wanderlust feeling that has been broiling up inside you, then reserving yourself a ticket for the next flight is a must. But where is it that you’re going to go? Well, if you’re looking for a destination, then New York is the place to go. You don’t have to worry about your accommodation because New York offers the best luxury hotel experience in the world with its collection of luxury hotels.

It is known all over the world that New York luxury hotels maintain a high standard of service as they take care of their guests, so worry no more and let your family vacation, your yearly business trips or your longed for romantic get-away with a new fling happen in New York, where it will be transformed into one of the best experiences of your life.

These hotels maintain a really high standard of service that they would even call you back after you make your reservation in order for them to actually get the things that you would like to happen during your stay in their hotel. So they can give you a note-worthy experience, whether you’re an affluent guest or not.

New York luxury hotels belong to the most expensive hotels in the world, so if you’re ready to shell out the big bucks just to be pampered with a service fit for a king, 5 star hotels like The Pierre, Mandarin Oriental New York and The Carlyle are the ones for you.

Now, if you’re already enjoying the comfort of one of New York’s posh hotels, the next thing to do is get out and see the landmarks that made New York famous the world over. Such a place to visit in New York is the quintessential Central Park. It has over two and half million people visiting every month. Try then to check out the Belvedere Castle, which offers a panoramic view of the park in every direction.

If it’s nightlife you’re after, New York is the city that never sleeps. The night scene in New York is active and full of life. This city has a plethora of bars and many other places of fun that is certainly enough to fill your need.

One of the many attractions to go to at night in New York is its collection of posh rooftop bars in many of its skyscrapers. You can check out the rooftop bar at the 230 Fifth, Flatiron District, New York. Such a visit to this vibrant and busy city will definitely make you agree to New York’s reputation of being the greatest city in the world.

In case you don’t know, New York is the center of nightlife worldwide. Such a reputation obvious as you do that late-night bar-hopping in many of New York’s coolest bars.

Vienna – What To See And Do In This Historic City

Vienna’s culture is definitely distinct. You can see it really anywhere: in the regal Gothic architecture, in the delicious Austrian food, in the opera performances and the music of the Austrian masters, and in many other things. Vienna is significant as it’s the largest city and the capital city of Austria, not to mention one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, and thereby an excellent vacation destination. However, you will need a passport, but using an online United States passport agency can initiate your adventure.

These passport websites were made to help people get a new passport in a shorter amount of time, generally within 24 hours to 2 weeks. As you may know, the regular passport application process takes months and months, but this new advancement has forever changed the way people get their passports.

Vienna is no doubt a very historical city. Because of this, museums are a good starting point for your adventure. Much of Vienna’s history is evident in the art, and visiting a museum can help you learn some of it. The Museumsquartier is a place that features many museums. You are even able buy a ticket that grants you access to all of them for a fraction of the original cost. Be sure to see the Schatzkammer as well. It’s the royal treasury, and housed in its walls are 20 room-fulls of priceless exhibits. The Belvedere is world-renowned museum where you can find the biggest collection of Gustav Klimt paintings in the world.

Palaces are another gateway into Vienna’s history. These buildings are so big, and they hold so much to see and explore. For example, Schloss Schonbrunn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can be found near the middle of the city, a location that makes it a good candidate for an afternoon adventure. This particular palace is the most grand of all of the ones in Vienna, and it has even drawn comparisons to Versailles. On the grounds of this palace are both a zoo and a garden, each the oldest in the world. Hofburg Palace is another interesting place to visit. It’s a giant labyrinthine complex that used to be the home of royalty.

Religion is an important part of Vienna’s culture, so their religious buildings are masterful works of architecture and art. The largest Baroque castle North of the Alps is Karlskirche. The inside is completely covered in artistic depictions of religion by famous artists. The outside is just as spectacular as the inside, and experiencing both creates an end product that you won’t forget. Stephansdom, aka St. Stephen’s Cathedral, is yet another beautiful piece of architecture.

Of course Vienna’s palaces, museums, and religious sites are good places to experience Vienna, there are some other places that can help complete a vacation. Prater, a beautiful large park, has its very own ferris wheel that people live to see and ride. The park is the perfect location for a picnic or a nice walk. The Opera House has famous opera and orchestra shows that are definitely worth seeing.

Vienna – A City Of Culture and Style!

In my mind Austria has been an elitist. With its rich and gilded palaces, ostentatious public buildings, green and manicured parks, public areas and Kaffeehaus, Vienna is definitely soaked in culture, style, and snobbery.

The largest city in Austria, the Capital is bewitching with its churches, castles, and natural beauty. The Donauturm Tower; the St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom); the Schnoburnn Castle (I discovered why it is the most famous tourists’ attraction in Austria); the Naschmarkt (this flea market is a maze of shops and offers some really beautiful items, spices etc); the Belvedere Palace (Schloss Belvedere); the Hofburg Imperial Palace; and Museum Quarter (MuseumsQuartier Wien) with its outstanding views of Vienna its truly a trigger happy photographer’s choicest destination in Vienna are truly divine!

Vienna has a very high quality of life, a stable political environment, and a flourishing economy and earned the #4spot on the International Quality of Life survey and the #1 spot in the EU list of capital cities. The three things, in my opinion, that have propelled Vienna to such dizzying heights of stardom are related to its layout, culture, and lifestyle. For starters, the layout of Vienna is very convenient and traveller friendly. With old town as District 1; the Ring Road encircling it and the Gurtel Road making up for District 2-9, it’s easy to find your way around Vienna.

The second most important aspect is the culture. Much to my delight, Vienna loves its coffee culture, and I love my cuppa too! In fact, I often heard Viennese say “Let’s go for a coffee.” Despite the rude incursions by American Coffee Giant – Starbucks, and several Italian espresso bars, the Kaffeehauses of Vienna still make a mean cup of coffee. It’s the favourite pastime in Vienna and I fell in love with the idea too.

And finally, the obsession with death and the burial in Vienna is fascinating to say the least. The site is the Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery), the mourning music and lyrics combination is Schrammelmusik, and the Sterbevereine (funeral insurance societies) organize the funerals for the dead with dead people’s life savings. So a visit to the Bestattungsmuseum, a mortuary science museum is a must.

Go on, dip into some Mozart, relax your soul, and enliven your senses in Vienna!