Vienna – An Old But New City

Vienna, the capital city of Austrian Republic, is a city of great charm, luxury and gaiety. Its name is associated with music forever. Great musicians namely Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and many other popular figures associated to music worked and lived there. Music lovers from all over the world take cheap flights to Vienna to listen to the concerts conducted by various organizations. The most famous Vienna Mozart Concert in historical costumes will be held between 26th May 2012 and 31st October, 2012. Since Vienna is situated in the center of European countries and its international airport is in the outskirts of the city, hence it is easy for the travelers to fly in and out of the city without hassles.

There is lot to see in this old but new city. This city boasts of 27 castles, 150 palaces and more than 100 museums to visit. Some of the important places to visit are:

Anchor Clock – History says that this Clock was built sometime between 1911 and 1917 and is situated on the oldest square. It forms a bridge between two parts of a building and it is embedded with mosaic ornaments. Main attraction of this clock is that twelve historical figures move across the bridge singly or in pair. At noon, every day, all figures parade accompanied by music from various eras.

Belvedere Palace – This palace was built by famous baroque architect J.L. von Hildebrandt, for one of the princes of Vienna. This magnificent palace lies in the middle of a splendid park. This palace is now converted into a museum featuring Austrian paintings.

Danube Tower – To enjoy the beauty of the place, people visit this 352 meters high tower. If you are little daring, you can plunge into the sky from this tower because this is the highest bungee center of the world.

The Prater – It is the one of the most important spots in Vienna for fun and fair. It is situated in the center of the city. From the giant Ferris wheel and 200 feet above the land, you can have a panoramic view of the city. This place is most suitable for jogging and cycling. One can just relax in the expansive park, or take a stroll in the forest land or green fields.

Besides the above, there are umpteen numbers of places one can spend time leisurely, like St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Ring Boulevard, Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna Opera House, and Imperial Palace etc.

You can plan your visit to Vienna in advance to avail of the best fares offered by various airways. Many European and International airline companies offer non-stop flights to Vienna International Airport from their respective hubs. One can also buy cheap tickets to Vienna from other airlines that have hoping flights to the city.

Online Booking in Venice – Medium Budget Hotels

Venice is a beautiful city and it is located in the northern region of Italy. Venice is the capital of the Veneto region. This enthralling city is known by many names like “the city of lights”, “City of Water”, “Queen of the Adriatic” and “La Dominante”. Thousands of tourists come to this alluring city all the year around to see the marvelous attractions and splendor of the place.

So, now let me tell you about some of the good budget hotels located in Venice.

1. Hotel Belvedere

This is a budget hotel in Venice which is suitably located very near to the mesmerizing canals and thrilling streets of the city. Hotel Belvedere is just a few minutes away from the Mestre train station; it has recently been renovated and provides comfortable and spacious accommodations to the guests. Some of the facilities available in the rooms include attach bathroom, mini-bar and a color television.

2. Hotel Giovannina

Hotel Giovannina is a one star discount hotel which is situated very near to the railway station. The hotel offers 30 clean and standard rooms to the visitors and all of have them have attached bathrooms. There is a terrace in this hotel which is especially meant for smokers. So, come to this place and enjoy a pleasant stay.

3. Hotel Montecarlo

This is an amazing three star budget hotel which is very conveniently located just at the cultural center of Venice. This hotel is just few minutes away from San Marco, and is a beautiful 18th century palace. The hotel is recently been renovated and it offers you great atmosphere, excellent service and comfortable, modern rooms which in the true sense resembles the Venetian culture.

4. La Calcina

La Calcina hotel is at the Zattere which is on the south side of Dorsoduro. The hotel is very conveniently located between the splendor of the city, near the Giudecca Canal and San Marco. The interior of the hotel has been decorated with a simple yet elegant style which is admired by all the people who com here. There are 29 rooms and all are cream-colored with good antiques and polished parquet floors.

5. Ai do Mori

It is a centrally located hotel just a few minutes away from the St Mark’s Square. The rooms are simply furnished and are available at economical rates and all have attached bathrooms. From the rooms you can also get a pleasant view of the two clockwork Moors located on the north side of the tower.

These are some of the best budget hotels that are located in Venice.

Delhi Metro – Millennium City to Mehrauli Wilderness in a Single Sweep

A road that once connected picturesque Mehrauli wilderness to the majestic capital of Mughal splendor still exists. And so do the people who traverse it everyday. But for some years now traveling from the Walled City to the Millennium City has undergone a tectonic shift with the arrival of the Delhi Metro.

It used to take Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal Emperor, weeks to reach Mehrauli on an elephant back where he idled away his free time. While today the journey might take a few hours but in spite of fancy cars the trek continues to be as arduous thanks to the traffic snarls. In the making for 4 years the Gurgaon Metro comes at a cost of Rs. 688 Crore but it promises to transform the Delhi-Gurgaon travel.

Delhi Metro
These might be early days for the Metro in Gurgaon–limited service operational only till Qutub Minar, tough to get to any Metro Station–but a trip on the line enables one to traverse a landscape that exists over a 1,000 years! What we don’t realize is how much of history is peppered along the Mehrauli-Gurgaon or MG Road.

Starting from the Mall Capital of India the Metro crosses the 1000 years old Slave Dynasty monuments like Qutub Minar and would go through one of India’s premier hospitals, AIIMS, Dilli Haat and a portion of Lutyens Delhi when the line to Central Secretariat gets underway!

Imagine passing through a millennium every day!

The fully-overhead Metro Line showcases the Mall capital of India as the Metro cuts across almost 8 malls! Greatly reducing the traveling time and cost of connectivity; Delhi Gurgaon would take a mere 30 minutes and less than Rs. 20, the Metro is a welcome respite.

A few years ago the mere mention of traveling to Gurgaon was enough to send shivers down one’s spine but now the same can be undertaken with great pleasure. Gurgaon also happens to be the home of BPOs in India and with Metro’s advent one can also look forward to drastic drop in the flurry of cabs that previously made driving a nightmare.

One of the fastest growing cities in the world Gurgaon promised unblemished modern living but that promise is far cry from the ground reality. There seems to be a visible disconnect between the thriving boom and the people for whom it’s being undertaken.

With a clear definition of ‘public transport’ still conspicuously missing from the lexicon of Gurgaon, reaching the Metro is nothing less than an adventure in it’s own right.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has laid great stress on feeder services and perhaps some where the state government will wake up and change things.

Or maybe we’d have to wait three more years till the nation’s first largely funded Rapid MetroRail project connecting DMRC’s Sikanderpur Metro station with Gurgaon expressway via DLF City-II, Belvedere Park and Towers, DLF Cybercity, National Media Centre and Ambience Mall gets going for the ‘local’ transport.

But till that time enjoy the Millennium city’s Metro; take as much time in reaching the station for there’s one train every 6 minutes and thankfully that’s here to stay.