Where to Go For a Great Stroll in Vienna, Austria

Admit it or not, nothing beats taking a relaxing stroll in a beautiful spot. This personal experience is made even more memorable if you’re in a new city such as the lovely capital of Austria – Vienna. Vienna’s city center has so many historical and regal structures worth exploring. But after touring those attractions, there are other unique places where you and your family can relax and enjoy a wide variety of activities. Where else will you go but at the parks.

Donaupark. This is one of Vienna’s pride and boasts of its amazing Danube Tower that stands at 252 meters. Visiting this place will mean you and your family enjoying great activities. Those who love to play chess can play at the giant chessboard while those who love to skate and skateboard can do their stuff at the skateboarding area. Animal lovers can also have fun at the petting zoo. And to satisfy your gastronomic needs, there are two revolving restaurants in the area which provide fantastic views of the city.

Herderpark. Strolling can be enjoyed at the smaller Herderpark in the city’s 11th district. This one features a garden planted with rose and lilac and there’s also a wide area planted with fruit trees. A wide expanse of grassy area also accommodates school events and sports activities. The months of April and May are the best times to visit this park during which the flowers are in full bloom and emitting their different fragrances.

Botanical Garden. Plant lovers will never get enough of the 9,000 wonderful plant and flower species in existence at the University of Vienna’s Botanical Garden, including the rare and tropical types. Adjacent to the Belvedere gardens, this former baroque pharmaceutical garden that spans 8 hectares was bought by Empress Maria Teresa in 1754. What’s best about this place is that it’s open all throughout the year and entrance is absolutely free of charge.

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Vienna is so rich in historical value that, in 2001, its center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Called the Innere Stadt, Vienna’s center is the area of town most well traversed by tourists. In the southwestern corner of Innere Stadt is Hofburg, the former imperial palace of the Habsburgs. Today, it is the location of the majority of the city’s museums. The Ringstrasse is a series of roads that circles the Innere Stadt. Traveling along the roads of the Ringstrasse provides tourists with glimpses of some of Vienna’s most alluring historical buildings. Beyond the Ringstrasse lie the city’s seven suburbs, the most notable being Belvedere, Prater, and Vororte. While these three suburbs have specific attractions that appeal to tourists, the others are mostly just residential areas.

Vienna Museums

No trip to Vienna would be complete without devoting at least one day to visiting some of the many museums scattered around the city. The Belvedere is the home of the Austrian Gallery, magnificent for both its brilliant architecture and the collections held within its walls. The New Palace, located within the walls of the Imperial Palace, is the home of both the Ethnological Museum and three branches of the Museum of Fine Arts. In Hofburg, you’ll find Kunsthistorisches Museum, one of the most revered museums in the world. While the architecture of the building alone is breathtaking, the treasures held within its walls require at least a full day’s attention. However, true art connoisseurs will insist on indulging on more than just a brief glimpse of this amazing museum.

Sightseeing Attractions

The city of Vienna is a monument to European history, and, as such, the number of attractions with historical and architectural value are too many to list. However, a trip to Vienna would not be complete without seeing a few select attractions, including Hofburg Palace, Karlskirche, the historic Austrian National Library, the Parliament building, Wiener Staatsoper, Schloss Schönbrunn, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Gasometer, and Zentralfriedhof. Each of these destinations should be at the top of every traveler’s must-do list on a trip to Vienna. However, to experience Vienna’s blend of history and modernity, stroll along the Ringstrasse for a sightseeing adventure.

Cultural Experience

Beyond the many sightseeing attractions is the attractive Viennese culture. This experience can be found in the city’s open-air markets, its vineyards and wine-tasting bars, and its corner cafes. Though the list of potential to-dos on a trip to Vienna can be exhausting, it may be just as worthwhile to spend at least one day just soaking in the Viennese lifestyle and experiencing the remainders of a once-great Austrian era.

New York City – A Golden Memory to Cherish Forever

Also referred as NYC or “The City” by residents, New York City is one of the most populous places, in the US. Located just near the mouth of Hudson River, this city comprises of a large area of 305 square miles or 790 km. A land of Hollywood stars, NYC has a vast population of nearly 8.2 million people. The metropolitan area of New York City spans around Northern New Jersey, Lower part of New York and South-western part of Connecticut, with a handsome population of 18.7 million. NYC comprises of five boroughs, which are five distinctive countries: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island.

Fun-filled time with families in Central Park:

Stated as the best-known park in the entire NYC, Central Park is the first urban structured landscaped park in the US. It opened in the year 1859, even though the final completed date was 1873. Defined as an icon of new York City, it is a great place, closer to Mother Nature, and away from the busy schedule of a city life.

• This park comprises of various lakes, hovering around different sporting facilities.

• It surrounds some of the historic buildings of NYC, like Metropolitan Museum and more.

• Strawberry Fields is another important part of Central Park, created in the honor of John Lennon.

• Moreover, this park will help you to be a part of Belvedere Castle and a well-known zoo.

Ellis Island to create a serene feel:

Located just closer to Statue of Liberty and a part of Liberty National Monument, this Ellis Island is the entering point of some new Americans, during 1892. Nearly 12 million immigrants entered the premises of America during this point of time, through immigration station. At this present moment, this island is the home to Ellis Island Immigration Museum, visited by millions, on the monthly count. It is a perfect platform to visit Statue Of Liberty, up close and personal.

Chrysler Building for amazing architectural view:

Chrysler Building is located on 42nd Street and was built in between the dates, 1928 and 1930. For a long year, this building was defined as the highest building, globally. This building follows the Art Deco structure, which was a fashion statement in the 20s and early 30s. The Chrysler boss instructed architect William Van Alen, during that time to create some references to the noteworthy Chrysler cars, which later gave rise to gargoyles, framed like automobiles. The distinctive feature of this building is definitely the crown, manufactured using small triangular windows and stainless steel, as significant raw material. The crown illuminates when dark night surrounds the skyscraper, making it a promising sight for New Yorkers.

Empire State Building holds classic historical values:

Empire State Building is the tallest building in the whole of NYC, with its 381 meters height. Built with a classic touch of art deco, it shows the primary architectural beauty during World War II. This building was the victim of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack, marked as a devastating point. Later, it regained its glory and became the tallest building, overlooking the skyline.

• Empire State Building is known for its panorama view, mainly from the noted observation deck, located on 86th Floor.

• This building is a home of nearly 1000 offices, with 21,000 people working under one roof.

• It holds the site of various Hollywood blockbusters, where the building is shown from top to bottom, with its full glory, captured through the lenses.

Statue of Liberty with its glorious presence:

No trip to New York is finished without visiting Statue of Liberty, titled as Liberty Enlightening The World, on the official ground. It is not just one of the most amazing statues on a global front, but an amazing icon of New York City. This Statue was a gift from the French people, who were ready to celebrate the bicentennial of US independence. It was constructed in France and later shipped here, after completion. This statue had to wait for approximately 11 months, as the pedestal was yet to complete. This statue stood tall at 46-meter height and was unveiled in the year 1886, November.

Times Square for a busy city life:

Previously known as Formerly Longacre, Time Square is the center of attraction for all New York vacationers. Located just at the meeting point of 7th Avenue and Broadway, this area stretches its journey from 42nd street to 47th street. This place is a perfect mix of lights, sound and a busy New York life.

Bang on holiday destination:

New York is a perfect hub for culture, media, fashion, food, research, art, trade and finance, amalgamated into a single package. From New York Stock Exchange to Public Library, you have so many things to see, around here. It is a land of dreams and most importantly, a place, to stay alive forever.