Vienna Travel


Vienna is so rich in historical value that, in 2001, its center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Called the Innere Stadt, Vienna’s center is the area of town most well traversed by tourists. In the southwestern corner of Innere Stadt is Hofburg, the former imperial palace of the Habsburgs. Today, it is the location of the majority of the city’s museums. The Ringstrasse is a series of roads that circles the Innere Stadt. Traveling along the roads of the Ringstrasse provides tourists with glimpses of some of Vienna’s most alluring historical buildings. Beyond the Ringstrasse lie the city’s seven suburbs, the most notable being Belvedere, Prater, and Vororte. While these three suburbs have specific attractions that appeal to tourists, the others are mostly just residential areas.

Vienna Museums

No trip to Vienna would be complete without devoting at least one day to visiting some of the many museums scattered around the city. The Belvedere is the home of the Austrian Gallery, magnificent for both its brilliant architecture and the collections held within its walls. The New Palace, located within the walls of the Imperial Palace, is the home of both the Ethnological Museum and three branches of the Museum of Fine Arts. In Hofburg, you’ll find Kunsthistorisches Museum, one of the most revered museums in the world. While the architecture of the building alone is breathtaking, the treasures held within its walls require at least a full day’s attention. However, true art connoisseurs will insist on indulging on more than just a brief glimpse of this amazing museum.

Sightseeing Attractions

The city of Vienna is a monument to European history, and, as such, the number of attractions with historical and architectural value are too many to list. However, a trip to Vienna would not be complete without seeing a few select attractions, including Hofburg Palace, Karlskirche, the historic Austrian National Library, the Parliament building, Wiener Staatsoper, Schloss Schönbrunn, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Gasometer, and Zentralfriedhof. Each of these destinations should be at the top of every traveler’s must-do list on a trip to Vienna. However, to experience Vienna’s blend of history and modernity, stroll along the Ringstrasse for a sightseeing adventure.

Cultural Experience

Beyond the many sightseeing attractions is the attractive Viennese culture. This experience can be found in the city’s open-air markets, its vineyards and wine-tasting bars, and its corner cafes. Though the list of potential to-dos on a trip to Vienna can be exhausting, it may be just as worthwhile to spend at least one day just soaking in the Viennese lifestyle and experiencing the remainders of a once-great Austrian era.