Vienna – What To See And Do In This Historic City

Vienna’s culture is definitely distinct. You can see it really anywhere: in the regal Gothic architecture, in the delicious Austrian food, in the opera performances and the music of the Austrian masters, and in many other things. Vienna is significant as it’s the largest city and the capital city of Austria, not to mention one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, and thereby an excellent vacation destination. However, you will need a passport, but using an online United States passport agency can initiate your adventure.

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Vienna is no doubt a very historical city. Because of this, museums are a good starting point for your adventure. Much of Vienna’s history is evident in the art, and visiting a museum can help you learn some of it. The Museumsquartier is a place that features many museums. You are even able buy a ticket that grants you access to all of them for a fraction of the original cost. Be sure to see the Schatzkammer as well. It’s the royal treasury, and housed in its walls are 20 room-fulls of priceless exhibits. The Belvedere is world-renowned museum where you can find the biggest collection of Gustav Klimt paintings in the world.

Palaces are another gateway into Vienna’s history. These buildings are so big, and they hold so much to see and explore. For example, Schloss Schonbrunn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can be found near the middle of the city, a location that makes it a good candidate for an afternoon adventure. This particular palace is the most grand of all of the ones in Vienna, and it has even drawn comparisons to Versailles. On the grounds of this palace are both a zoo and a garden, each the oldest in the world. Hofburg Palace is another interesting place to visit. It’s a giant labyrinthine complex that used to be the home of royalty.

Religion is an important part of Vienna’s culture, so their religious buildings are masterful works of architecture and art. The largest Baroque castle North of the Alps is Karlskirche. The inside is completely covered in artistic depictions of religion by famous artists. The outside is just as spectacular as the inside, and experiencing both creates an end product that you won’t forget. Stephansdom, aka St. Stephen’s Cathedral, is yet another beautiful piece of architecture.

Of course Vienna’s palaces, museums, and religious sites are good places to experience Vienna, there are some other places that can help complete a vacation. Prater, a beautiful large park, has its very own ferris wheel that people live to see and ride. The park is the perfect location for a picnic or a nice walk. The Opera House has famous opera and orchestra shows that are definitely worth seeing.