Where to Go For a Great Stroll in Vienna, Austria

Admit it or not, nothing beats taking a relaxing stroll in a beautiful spot. This personal experience is made even more memorable if you’re in a new city such as the lovely capital of Austria – Vienna. Vienna’s city center has so many historical and regal structures worth exploring. But after touring those attractions, there are other unique places where you and your family can relax and enjoy a wide variety of activities. Where else will you go but at the parks.

Donaupark. This is one of Vienna’s pride and boasts of its amazing Danube Tower that stands at 252 meters. Visiting this place will mean you and your family enjoying great activities. Those who love to play chess can play at the giant chessboard while those who love to skate and skateboard can do their stuff at the skateboarding area. Animal lovers can also have fun at the petting zoo. And to satisfy your gastronomic needs, there are two revolving restaurants in the area which provide fantastic views of the city.

Herderpark. Strolling can be enjoyed at the smaller Herderpark in the city’s 11th district. This one features a garden planted with rose and lilac and there’s also a wide area planted with fruit trees. A wide expanse of grassy area also accommodates school events and sports activities. The months of April and May are the best times to visit this park during which the flowers are in full bloom and emitting their different fragrances.

Botanical Garden. Plant lovers will never get enough of the 9,000 wonderful plant and flower species in existence at the University of Vienna’s Botanical Garden, including the rare and tropical types. Adjacent to the Belvedere gardens, this former baroque pharmaceutical garden that spans 8 hectares was bought by Empress Maria Teresa in 1754. What’s best about this place is that it’s open all throughout the year and entrance is absolutely free of charge.